keskiviikko 27. lokakuuta 2010


After much thought I decided to change writing language into english. First of all, all those that do read my blog know english enough to read it. Second, Google corrects my spelling as I write. Third, I get good practice for writing in english.

I have a couple of texts waiting to be transferred here, I just need to translate couple of them first. Or I might leave as they were. We'll see.

Training for today

Sprinting 4 x 4 minutes almost as hard as I could
Sprinting 4 x 50 meters

That was a lot of work for such a short time. But it was worth it, afterwards I felt great! Though I'm a bit sore, haven't been running for a year or so.

A friend of mine started keto-diet today and as I watched myself in the mirror, I thought that I better get myself in shape as well. So I started doing the Anabolic Diet by Dr. Dipasquale. Have been on this diet on several occasions but so far it has been the best diet plan that I've used. So my eating today went something like this:

Nutrition for today

Eggs for breakfest, some seeds for snacks, sausage for lunch, pork chops in the afternoon and then some cheese and pepperoni for late-night snacks. So far so good.

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