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Warrior, Anabolic or Paleo Diet? Why not all?

In the last two years I've been experimenting with different dieting systems. So on this blog-entry I will tell how I feel about those three systems mentioned in the headline.

Paleo Diet

This was the first one that I tried. Big minus was the fact that you couldn't have anything that "normal people" eat, but you have to strive for organic food. Second, if you don't have good instruction, you will be pretty much lost and confused about what you can and can not eat. Plus, buying organic food is much more expensive than buying ordinary food. Eating every three hours has also always been a problem for me. And if there is no "correct" food available, you will skip a meal, which in the Paleo-diet wasn't allowed. So I kinda lost hope every couple of days, because of binging something outside the diet. I did learn a lot from this diet and had I then known, what I know today, maybe it would be a different story.

Anabolic Diet

Now this was fun! I could eat as fatty food as I wanted and then splurge in the weekends, right? Wrong. I ended up messing this diet because I really didn't care about the type of fat I was eating. So I ended up eating almost 100% saturated fats. And the weekends? I ate everything in sight: pizza, candy, ice-cream, hamburgers, coca-cola, you name it. So although this diet allowed more freedom, I exploited the freedom too much. I couldn't keep it moderate and I didn't have patience to calculate everything that went down in my throat. But once again, I learned a lot about fats, the good and the bad.

Warrior Diet

The biggest problem with this diet is and was insufficient feeding and nutrition. I pretty much overtrained with one session. And not to mention that I sometimes trained 2 times a day. What I really liked about it though, was the freedom of not living with a clock. All you need is one main meal in the evening and you're good to go. This diet is probably the one closest to my current eating regimen.

My current eating regimen

I've been following a diet that is a combination of all three diets. I try to eat only two larger meals per day, supplemented by healthy snacks. This far I've been able to seriously narrow my waistline, which is very motivating. My general well-being has also improved. I've lost 7 pounds in weight, which I think is mostly fat. And I don't crave for sweets anymore, either.

So far so good.

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